Study of computers and computational systems

Although knowing how to program is essential to the study of computer science, it is only one element of the fieldn

The Foundation of Computer Programming & Software Engineering

The process of designing & building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result or to perform a specific task.

Empowering Information Systems and Technology

The study, design, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems.

Message from the Head of Department

 Welcome to the Website of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science at Kyambogo University! By navigating the pages of this Website, you will know WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE OFFER. For prospective students we invite you to look at the menu of the courses we offer at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels within the different areas of computing (Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc) .

Academic Programmes

The Department currently offers two degree programmes, and one diploma programme.

Bachelor of Information Technology – BITC

Information technology and computing deals with the capture, processing, transfer, archival, retrieval of data/information including the hardware associated with these functions. No machine has undergone such a rapid technological change over a fifty-year period as a computer scientist.

Bachelor of Information Systems-(BIS)

Many organizations, enterprises, companies and industries are increasingly embracing the emerging new technologies and/or applications in their day-to-day work.  Such emerging new technologies include: mobile applications, wireless applications and networks, clouding computing, etc.

Diploma in Computer Science-(DCS)

Computer-based information technology is nowadays at the forefront of technological tools to support economic and social development of nations.  We are now in computer era, globalization and modernization. The necessity for today’s work force to be computer literate cannot be therefore over-emphasized. Read More

Publications & Conferences

Take a look at some of the articles and publications by Kyambogo University Department of Computer Science Staff. The articles appearance on this page is in reverse chronological order.